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To: All IRP Owners

As the new president of the Property Owners Association !(POA) at IRP, I would like to share

with you some of our objectives for the coming year.

But first, I ask you to become aware of several board members and their contributions to this

community. First and foremost is Ms. Mimi Kiriluk. Mimi has been president of the POA for a

number of years, and now has chosen to step down from that position while remaining on the

Board. Mimi has devoted thousands of hours of her time and effort to represent the 1183

property owners on the Plantation. Her extraordinary leadership has done much to make our lives

here safe and pleasant. Her devotion to this community is matched by no one. So, please join me

in offering Mimi our sincere thanks and appreciation.

Thanks also go to Peter Frank and Judge McGinley whose terms on the Board of Directors have

expired. Peter has served as board Secretary and along with Judge McGinley has made many

contributions to this community.

Now, to look ahead, let me share some thoughts on the directions of the new POA Board. First,

we will continue to be responsible for our four major missions - Cable TV, Security, Irrigation,

and Road and Beach Access and Maintenance.

In addition to those core responsibilities, the Board will embark on an active plan to engage all

IRP owners and to provide new and exciting social and community activities.

Some actions have already been taken. The POA Board authorized Bob Hood, a board member,

to meet with all Association Presidents to solicit their ideas on how to improve the IRP

experience. As a result of that meeting and its input, the Board appointed Bob the new

Residential Affairs Advisor for the POA. In this role, he will spearhead many of the new

activities referenced above through several interest groups: Social Activies, Communications,

Golf, Tennis, and Beautification. Additional information regarding this subject is on the reverse

side of this hard copy letter, or a second email page.

As we look ahead to the new season later this year, I hope that all owners will take an active part

in realizing that IRP is not just a group of Associations, but is also a community of owners and

renters who share opportunities for enjoyment and mutual assistance. It includes not only Ocean

Club members, but all owners at IRP.


W~ lvf. Pe'i.ow-

William M. Peloso




The Residential Affairs Advisory Group within the POA was formed in March 2015 for

two primary purposes;

• To enhance the enjoyment of living and vacationing at IRP

• To thereby protect property values of the all individual owners

In order to accomplish these objectives we will work closely with the Marriott Resort and

Colombia-Sussex, the Resort owner, and other local venues, to develop events and

programs that will provide social, athletic, cultural, and entertainment activities.

To accomplish these objectives we have established five interest groups:

• Social Activites - for social and entertainment events on the Plantation and

elsewhere, and promoting food and beverage activities with Marriott and

Colombia-Sussex, the resort owner

• Communications - to provide timely information between the POA, the

Associations, and all owners regarding needs, activities, and plans

• Golf - strengthening and expanding our golf program

• Tennis - strengthening and expanding our tennis program

• Common areas - Beautification of our common properties

A key area requiring our attention is Communication~. We intend to make use of various

media in order to reach as many owners as possible in a timely, economic, and effective

manner. Communication channels that will be explored are;

• Word of mouth

• Direct Mail Letter - sent with quarterly billing statements

• Association Presidents - meetings and mailings

• Bulletin Boards

• Newsletter

• Web Site enhancements

• Email


The Indian River Plantation (IRP) Property Owners Association (POA)

created several residential affairs Advisory Groups in March of2015. The

purpose of these groups is to enhance the social enjoyment of living and

vacationing at IRP, as well as protect and maintain owner property values.

The group's primary objectives are to identify opportunities, ideas, and

programs, as well as develop better communication with owners that will

provide a better sharing of proposals that will enhance our enjoyment of

living at IRP.

The POA Board of Directors has identified five primary Advisory Groups.

They are:

• Communications

• Beautification of our Properties

• Golf

• Tennis

• Social Activities

POA is now moving outside of its traditional role and expands its ability to

better affect our property and social affairs. IN"e are kindly asking you to

participate in any manner in order to reach 0llr common goals.

POA has appointed some property owners to IChairs of these Advisory

Groups as they have worked on these issues in other capacities. An

overview is attached to this memorandum. If you have any suggestions,

concerns or issues that you would like for these Advisory Groups to address,

please contact them directly. They in turn will be keeping the POA Board of

Directors up to date on their activity reviews Iona monthly basis.

The POA Board hopes that each of you, as an owner that has an investment

in our place here at IRP, will take the time to think about ways that might

improve our property and make living here an enjoyable experience.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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